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High Quality, Competitively Priced Rubber & Thermoplastic Hose Assemblies and Fittings

  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Thermoplastic Hoses
    • Single Hoses
    • Welded and Twin Hoses
    • Private Branding Available
  • Fuel Line Hose
  • J1402 Air Brake Hose
  • Metric Inserts and Ferrules
  • Metric Adaptors
  • OEM Assemblies
  • Micro Hose / Test Hose Assemblies
  • And More!

EP Cleveland, Inc. manufactures rubber and thermoplastic hydraulic hoses for the industrial original equipment and distribution sectors, offering just-in-time components and assemblies.  Manufacturing our own hoses, fittings and bent tubing all at EP Cleveland, Inc. high quality.