Competitive Rubber & Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hoses and Metric Fittings

  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Thermoplastic Hoses
    • Single Hoses
    • Welded and Twin Hoses
    • Private Branding Available
  • Fuel Line Hose
  • J1402 Air Brake Hose
  • Metric Inserts and Ferrules
  • Metric Adaptors
  • Metric Ball Valves and Accessories
  • Metric Tubing
  • OEM Assemblies
  • Micro Hoses
  • And More!




EP Cleveland Inc. is a manufacturer of rubber and thermoplastic hydraulic hoses for the industrial original equipment and distribution sectors, offering just-in-time components and assemblies.  Recently being acquired by Fluid Routing Solutions allows Europower to broaden the product lines we have to offer, including bent tube assemblies.  Manufacturing our own hoses, fittings and bent tubing allows Europower high quality, competitive solutions to your needs.